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Consumer psychology findings have repeatadly proven, that up to 75% of all purchase decisions are spontaneous. The 2-3 seconds that a customer spends in front of a shelf are of crucial importance whether he or she will decide for your product, or that of your competitor. Promotional media at the point of sale are thus very efficient and present elements of the marketing mix. This is your chance to use this moment to your benefit. Displays catch the attention of an observer, convey brand value, and help the consumer to navigate in today's product jungle.


If you are looking for displays, that will make your products shine in the limelight and will notably increase your sales, then you are in the right place. Because this is what we do - since 40 years. Among our clients are global players who have faithfully entrusted us for decades.


Our area of expertise is the production of displays made from the material-mix of synthetics, wood, metal, etc.


Werbeform stands for creative and effective product presentation, modern technologies, and excellent service. No matter what industry you're in, we have the right display for you and ensure that your product stands out from the crowd. Don't believe it?


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Belavance - Counter Display

high-quality cardboard back sign in combination with a milled synthetics piece

Braas - Metal Floor Stand

2,3m hight and a massive metal construction offers enough load bearing capacity for heavy tiles

Stabila - Sales Stand

a combination of metal wires and plates. All scale sized are incorpoated in this sales stand

Monteil - Counter Display

minimalistic design with elegant curve, also realised in as a floor display

Lamy - Wheel of Fortune

the pens are protected through a synthetics place in this movable "wheel of fortune"

Krups - Kaffee Weltkugel

the globe symbolizes the versatile world of coffee, braught to you by Werbeform

Chopard Heaven - Product Dummy

with a heigth of 1,10m this dummy will definitely attract attention in retail stores

Faber Castell - Focus Display

free standing wooden display with custom decor offers sufficient space for the product diversity